Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Le Comptoir - French Toast Crème Brulee & Berry Compote

Memorial Day, 2012. What do you do when you've spent every Memorial Day at a suburban bbq (and I mean bbq in the NY way, which is just burgers and hotdogs on a grill), but find yourself stranded in Brooklyn, with no backyard or rooftop in sight? You do what any patriotic American would do and go to a French Bistro that looks like a 90's night club with a Greek backyard.

Le Comptoir is in south-ish Williamsburg, and they've got a brunch prix fixe that includes unlimited brunchy drinks and a main course from their menu of locally sourced French goodness. Interested? Yeah, me too.

We started out with a little bread with butter and berry compote. you can't go wrong here so long as you have great bread. This, I could eat everyday.

I ordered the Braised Short Rib Eggs Benedict. Not so pretty but sooo damn good. The eggs were just right, a wonderful hollandaise sauce, and braised short ribs... BRAISED. SHORT. RIBS. A really nice tweak to boring old Benedict.

Girlfriend made a very wise decision. She went with French Toast Crème Brulee & Berry Compote. I mean, you can't stuff anymore French into a single item. We saw the same compote earlier, but I understand, I would put that on everything. Syrupy, berry'y, sweet and just a little tart. The french toast part was a little different than I had expected. Softer, almost closer to creme brulee than to french toast. Not in a bad way, just much lighter than my palate was prepared for.

Anyway, really good stuff.

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