Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pane Panelle - Arancini

Today is National Rice Ball Day! Well everyday seems to be something day, and I'm always way behind.  Not this time, no siree. I got word and had something I had mentioned, in mind. Pane Panelle's Arancini, a Sicilian Rice Ball (maybe Italian, I'm not really sure, if only there were some kind machine that I could enter words and get their definition - until then...).

I could be wrong, but when I think rice balls, I think of them with rice... in the shape of balls. OK, they've got it covered. But wait, there's more. Sauce, ground meat, peas, and about the size of the 3 of these combined, are how my lady's Sicilian mother makes them.

Let's step away from that for a moment. If nothing changed in 50 years, what fun would that be?
These 3 fried little guys are all cheese and rice (mozzarella and pecorino.. good choice). It's a really lovely little food. You're not left with that greasy oily fried feeling, but certainly have that everything is amazing when fried taste. Really well executed overall. Note, this is no meal. Consider it an appetizer to be split with someone else.

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