Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pain D’Avignon - Pane Francese

Walking through Essex Street Market for the first time, we made eyes at each other from across the building. Avoiding all gorgeous cuts of meat, all glowing fruits and veggies, not even giving the taco place anymore than a glance... knocking down anyone who dare come between me and sexy bread.

It was Pain D’Avignon, the long time baker from LIC now has a retail store. Actually I have no idea how long they've had it or how long they've been baking. Word has it you can buy their bread from the likes of Whole Foods, Fairway, Dean and DeLuca. It doesn't matter, really their store front is what's impressive. It's tiny, like you can't have more than 2 people in there tiny. Everything is set just right (aside from the huge print of wheat in the back), the color of the bread vs the dark walls, overhead lighting, perfectly distributed product.

I got there a little late, the inventory was sparse, but I had my eye on the Country Long. I was studying it for several seconds, thinking about the cuts in the bread, the shadows, the highlights, which window I'd set it next to in my east and west exposed railroad apartment... then a gentleman walked in an ordered, what else, the country long. Damn it. I almost walked out of there, unhappy with what was left, until the Pane Francese caught my eye.

Now I'm no language expert, but I believe what's happening here is an American bakery making French baked goods, selling an Italian bread (Pane Francese) that is meant to be French (I believe it translates to French Bread).

I would kill for this place in Greenpoint... or just take the train.

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  1. Yummy, this bread looks delicious. I'd like to dip it into a hot bowl of minestrone!