Thursday, March 22, 2012

Five Leaves - Burger

Five Leaves in Greenpoint, you'd think the line of people out the door are part of the decor. On a Thursday afternoon, though, getting a seat was just a few short seconds.

The Five Leaves burger has made it onto countless Best Burger lists and damn it, it was about time I try it. The thing is, it's a bit of a complicated burger, with a fried pineapple ring, pickled beets, and a sunny-side up egg. I'm not against complexity, but it's hard to judge a burger when you're covering it with all sorts of crazy. As per the very underground club "The Cheese Burger Exploratory," I kept it to bread, meat, and cheese.

The burger, is no slouch. Grass-fed beef, cheddar, not sure what kind of bun (a bit soft, but didn't get soggy). Perfectly executed medium, seasoned to bring out all the right flavors, overall an excellent burger.  I'd come back time and time again. Could it be one of the best in the city? It's up there, but I've got a long way to go.

Oh, and fries! Truffle fries! I know truffle gets some criticism for covering up flavors, but you could put it on anything of mine and I'd be perfectly happy. My first bite, there was no doubt of the fries truffliness, you just feel it in the air. After a little while though, it was a bit overwhelming. A little ketchup fixed it. There is, apparently, such a thing as too much truffle. I'd absolutely recommend trying it once, especially if you've got someone to share with. I'm going to stick to the regular fries in the future.

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