Monday, February 20, 2012

Forcella - Pizze Fritte

When I had first heard about fried pizza at Forcella, I had my doubts. I thought it would be gimmicky, in a everything-fried-is-good sort of way. Looking at foursquare tips, comment after comment suggesting I might leave with my mind in tact if I didn't eat the Montanara. I used my best Williamsburg eye roll and reluctantly ordered.
I'm pleased that I was wrong, so very wrong. There's no hiding sub-par flavors with fried here. Lightly fried, then topped and baked, resulting in an incredibly chewy, crispy, light, and tasty crust. Topped with a good sauce and fresh cheese, it's... well beautiful really.
The oven baked pie is no slouch either. A very good neapolitan pizza, which the neighborhood has been lacking for the past year or so.

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