Monday, January 16, 2012

The Blue Stove - Molasses Coffee Cake

Williamsburg's The Blue Stove.

I've got a half mile walk to the train every morning. I started crossing the street unnecessarily to avoid eye contact. I try my best not to have muffins, cakes, pies, etc. for breakfast. But, the smell beckons.

On very cold 3-day weekends, I'm allowed to eat whatever I want. That includes cake for breakfast. The Blue Stove's Molasses Coffee Cake. Normally, I love to eat inside this adorable little bakery on Graham Ave. A friendly staff, free wifi, big ol' windows. But, I brought it home to enjoy in my laziest attire. I wish I was wordy enough to describe this clearly, let's just settle on sweet, moist, not too crumbly, and yum.

Sometimes they tweet what they've got on that particular day, follow them @BlueStovePie

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