Friday, January 6, 2012

Pizza at home

I don't often (or haven't ever, if you've looked at all 10 posts) post about what I cook. I don't have any rules against it, I guess I just don't cook much at all. Usually it's my lovely girlfriend that rules the kitchen. So a few days ago, when I decided to make pizza, I requested that she and her judgmental stares stay out of nagging distance (mostly so she doesn't see me panic and cry.)

I came across a dough recipe that I've been dying to try from Peter Reinhart. I was able to find tipo"00" flour in Buon Italia located in Chelsea Market. Picked up some fresh mozzarella from Alleva Dairy in Little Italy. Sauce was a combination of things I've heard from various pizzaioli (Paulie Gee, guy from Motorino, guy from Pizza Bianco, and my buddy Brian). Canned whole San Marzano tomatoes, removed from their liquid, blended with and immersion blender (now shopping for a food mill), a splash of extra virgin olive oil, salt, and a pinch of sugar. Oh yeah, and the last pie had some sopressata.

I saw a technique on Slice that I was quite interested in. Upon my first attempt, I decided it was waaaay too much effort to do it this way... not worth it. The taste though, fantastic. I though it must be the new dough recipe I came across. So, my second pie was in a regular ol' oven, 500 degrees as most are (this statement is based on absolutely nothing other than my own). Now something very different happened, it tasted, I don't know, flat. I'll save you a bunch of boring reading... I don't think I'll ever stray from the Skillet/Broiler method again.

Searing the bottom in a skillet.

Popped into the broiler for a crispy top.

Overall I was super happy. I over cheesed it, maybe even used a bit too much sauce. I might strain the sauce next time to get it a bit less watery. I'm going to try another pan too, the side of the skillet are just too high making everything awkward. I was thinking of a round cast iron griddle, but ideally something a little bigger, recommendations welcome. This just in, girlfriend approved (thumbs up icon).

*update: Alleva also seems to carry another brand of tipo double zero flour and so does Brooklyn Kitchen (their's is loose and is labeled caputo, which is supposed to be the gold standard)

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