Sunday, March 13, 2011

La Maison du Macaron - Pistachio & Champagne

I started this post a few weeks ago, but catastrophic world events made me feel awful about my decadent, glutenous ways. Shortly after, I was hit by a car. I've changed the way I see/react (whatever) to everything. Not in a sort of "Fuck everyone else" sort of way. But in a, I could die at any moment, way.

So, if I were to die tomorrow, this amazing little cookie (or whatever the hell it is), is something I'm glad to have mashed into my face.
I came across La Maison du Macaron via yelp search. With claims that they're the best in NYC, it seemed the most logical choice for my first macaron. Located on on 23rd street between 6th and 7th, my first thought was "tourist trap". You walk in and it's the most adorable little cafe... yeah it feels touristy... you look at the prices... yeah it really feels touristy. But you sit, and well, there really aren't all that many people... a few new yorkers actually, that's all. I guess it doesn't matter... let's move on to the food.

A slightly crispy outside leading you right into gooey wonderland. They're incredibly rich, and the tiniest nibble is unbelievably satisfying (think the little bites Alice in Wonderland took of those cakes that made her grow... or shrink... I forget). They come in huge variety of flavors, one worthy of note is the "Caramel Fleur de Sel". Imagine every sexual innuendo that involve mouths, explosions... no just any that results in orgasm. Well, it's that. As for the others, truly amazing. I just don't know the flavors... I kinda picked them because they were pretty.

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